Notes for Contributors

The Archaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria, Incorporated

The Artefact is a refereed journal. Manuscripts of major research papers should be from 3000 to 8000 words. Longer articles will be considered on the basis of merit. Submissions should be made in Microsoft Word document format only with separate files for images, tables, etc. see below for further information on image size and quality.

The content of the paper should be outlined by three to five keywords that will fit on one line (e.g. Lithic implements – Patination – Microwear – Western Victoria) placed above the title in alphabetical order. The author’s name and the title of the article must be clearly indicated. The manuscript must include an abstract of 50 to 100 words, summarising the article. Italicised words should be formatted as such, and each page should be numbered. The authors name and details should be listed at the end of the article; this will be followed by acknowledgements, notes then references as required.

All images are to be supplied at a resolution of no less than 600DPI, with printing size up to, but no greater than 6.5inches x 9.5 inches. Photographic images need to be of high quality. Photographic images of rock art, that have been obtained by physical enhancement or other interference, are not acceptable. Where appropriate, the approval of traditional indigenous custodians must be obtained, and demonstrated to the editor before submission of any paper or illustration, and where copyright applies the author must obtain the necessary consent and acknowledge it. Captions are required for all illustrative material, together with an indication in the text as to where they, and any table, graph, schedules, etc. are to be placed.

Spelling and punctuation in this journal follow the Style manual for authors, editors and printers of Australian government publications and the Macquarie dictionary. The bibliography and references in the text should follow the style indicated in this issue (see bibliographic and referencing notes below). 

In addition to major papers, the submission of short research reports (500-1500 words), book reviews (500-1000 words), and other miscellanea are invited. Readers are encouraged to provide material relevant for short current news items concerning discoveries, claims, hypotheses and publications in world archaeology and anthropology (generally less than 500 words). Announcements intended for a specific issue of this journal should to be available at least two months before the month of intended publication (November). Each author or group of authors will receive a pdf electronic copy of their article. Hard copy reprints are available at cost.

All correspondence should be addressed to: Editor Dr Sylvia Schaffarczyk at

Or you can send 2 hard copies and a CD of your Word format article in the post to:
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Or you can e-mail the current

Bibliographic and Referencing Guidelines for the Artefact

We prefer Harvard style referencing.

1. Format for papers or articles from journals or magazines:-

Smith, M.A. 1986. The antiquity of seed grinding in arid Australia. Archaeology in Oceania 21:29-39.

Titles of articles in sentence case (only first letter of first word capitalised); journal title in title case (first letter of every word capitalized) and italicised.

Note: volume is not spelled out or abbreviated as vol., the volume number simply follows the journal title. There should be no spaces between volume number, colon and page numbers.

2. Format for books, monographs or conference proceedings:-

Meehan, B. 1982. Shell Bed to Shell Midden. Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Canberra.

Williams, E. 1988. Complex Hunter-Gatherers: A Late Holocene Example from Temperate Australia. British Archaeological Reports, International Series 423, Oxford.

Titles of books or monographs in title case (first letter of every word capitalised) and italicised. Any stand-alone volume is a book or monograph and the title should be italicised, not the series.

3. Format for unpublished material:-

Richards, T. and J. Jordan. 1996. Archaeological Investigations at Cape Bridgewater, Victoria: Management Recommendations and Preliminary Excavation Report. Unpublished report on file, Aboriginal Affairs Victoria, Melbourne.

Carter, R. 2003. Indigenous Community Archaeology: Present and Future. Paper presented at ‘Archaeology in the Indigenous Community’, Australian Archaeological Association Annual Conference, December 2003, Jindabyne, NSW.

Mawer, R. 2002. The History of Pinfire: the Lefaucheux Revolver. Retrieved 13 October 2002, from
Titles of any unpublished material (theses, reports, conference papers, material on the internet, notes, manuscripts, etc.) should be in title case (first letter of every word capitalized). No italics to be used in reference.

Note: theses, reports or other material should be described as “unpublished” in the reference. Conference papers do not need this.

4. Format for contributions from edited books, monographs or conference proceedings

Smith, M.A. 1988. Central Australian seed grinding implements and Pleistocene grindstones. n B. Meehan and R. Jones (eds), Archaeology with Ethnography, pp. 94-108. Australian National University, Canberra.

Titles of articles, chapters, editorials, etc, from edited books, should be in sentence case (only first letter of first word capitalised).

Note: page numbers follow title of book. Name of publisher is followed by location.