The Archaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria is a group that promotes the study of archaeology, anthropology, ethno-archaeology and ethno-history in both Australia and further abroad. Lectures, from a range of talented presenters, are held every third Thursday of the month at 6:30pm in the Discovery Centre, Melbourne Museum

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Next Lecture: 16 June 2016

The people behind the AASV: Valentine Leeper, Frederick Wood-Jones, William (Bill) Culican and others.

The Anthropological Society and the Archaeological Society were each formed by people of passion but their passions were very different. The first story began soon after the First World War and the second in a country changed irrevocably by World War 2. The society formed by their coming together is now forty years old and it is an appropriate time to look back at how it all began.


Margaret Bullen has been secretary of AASV for longer than she cares to remember and a member for even longer. She is a medical doctor with a passion for rock art, the latter providing a great excuse for travel.


July Lecture

Fish traps and stone houses: new insights into the age and form of Gunditjmara sites on the Budj Bim lava flow, southwest Victoria.

This talk will summarise archaeological research over the past decade between Monash University and the Gunditjmara community which has yielded new insights into the antiquity of Lake Condah’s famous fish traps and the form and use of the regions’ equally famous stone house sites.

Ian J, McNiven

Ian McNiven is professor of Indigenous archaeology in Monash Indigenous Centre at Monash University. He has undertaken archaeological research in Queensland (mostly Torres Strait) and Victoria, and also along the south coast of Papua New Guinea.



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