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Perceptions of the Past: Archaeological Research at Discovery Bay

Presented by Michael Godfrey

When the shell middens at Discovery Bay were excavated in 1982, there was very little that could be said with respect to their economic significance, for it had already been demonstrated that shellfish in general were only minor component in Aboriginal diet. But since then, the research at Discovery Bay has been expanded. There have been further surveys, excavations, radiocarbon dating of middens and research into the local ethnohistory and the environment. But what is of particular interest and the subject of this talk is the way this evidence has been interpreted.

Michael will also discuss the landscape of Discovery Bay and how it has recently changed.

Michael Godfrey completed a Combined Honours degree in Prehistory and Archaeology and Ancient History and Classical Archaeology at the University of Sheffield in England, before undertaking his Masters, and a Ph.D. in the Department of Chemistry at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Most of his research has been based at Discovery Bay.Publications with relevance to this talk are:Godfrey, M.C.S., 1983. Historical sources as aids to archaeological interpretation – examples from Discovery Bay, Victoria. The Artefact 8 (1-2): 55-60.Godfrey, M.C.S., 1989. Shell midden chronology in southwestern Victoria : reflections of change in prehistoric population and subsistence? Archaeology in Oceania 24: 65-69.Godfrey, M.C.S., et al. 1996. From time to time: Radiocarbon information on Victorian archaeological sites held by Aboriginal Affairs Victoria. The Artefact 19: 3-51.


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