The Archaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria is a group that promotes the study of archaeology, anthropology, ethno-archaeology and ethno-history in both Australia and further abroad. Lectures, from a range of talented presenters, are held every third Thursday of the month at 6:30pm at the The Kathleen Syme Library & Community Centre – 251 Faraday St, Carlton.

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New Lecture Venue for 2017

Melbourne Museum’s Discovery Theatre is unavailable at present for major renovations so we have a NEW VENUE.

Lectures will be held at The Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre 251 Faraday St Carlton, an 1870s building which has been beautifully restored by Melbourne City Council. It is on the corner of Swanston and Faraday Streets and the Melbourne University Tram stop is right outside the door. There is usually parking available in Faraday St in front of the building. Lectures will, as previously, start at 6.30pm.

Next Lecture – Thursday 16th March 2017

Settlement dynamics in the lower Pontine Plain: the results of recent archaeological fieldwork of the Minor Centres project. 

Presented by Gijs Tol (The University of Melbourne)

This paper discusses the results of recent landscape archaeological fieldwork in the Pontine Plain (Lazio, Central Italy), carried out within the framework of the Minor Centres project. This former wetland, situated ca. 50 kilometres south of Rome, has generally been considered unsuitable for large-scale habitation before Mussolini’s ambitious land reclamations of the 1930’s. However, the adoption of an integrated approach, comprising field walking, geophysical prospections and coring on and around the road stations of Forum Appii and Ad Medias are starting to reveal the much deeper history of the area. The obtained results indicate a waxing and waning of human occupation strongly interlinked with changing environmental conditions. The area appears to have been of particular importance during Rome’s early expansionist phase, when it became colonized as part of a well-planned operation comprising major infrastructural- and reclamation works.

Gijs Tol is Lecturer in Classical Archaeology at the University of Melbourne. He specializes in the archaeology and material culture of Roman Central Italy and has published studies on Landscape Archaeology, the Roman economy, Roman colonization, and craft production. Currently he is the co-director of two international research projects: the Minor Centres-project that aims to investigate the role of secondary centres in the Roman economy by performing fieldwork on a number of road stations along the Via Appia, and the Marzuolo Archaeological Project that studies the Roman-period craft site of Marzuolo in southern Tuscany (Italy).



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