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Thursday 20th of August, 2020.

Bounded by Sea: Worked Bone of the Neolithic North Aegean

Presented by Dr Jarrad Paul, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne

The Neolithic in the North Aegean saw an influx of new material and subsistence strategies into this already-established region. An important element in the toolkit of this period is animal bone tools. The practice of working bones into tools was not new to those arriving. However, it did flourish during the Neolithic, with the creation of tools for specific functional, symbolic, and aesthetic purposes. In this talk I outline my current research: a comparative analysis of worked animal bone assemblages from the North Aegean (the Aegean islands, western Turkey, northern and central Greece) to further understand regional development during the Neolithic (7000–5000 cal BC). This study includes a synthesis and in-depth analysis of published and unpublished material from almost 100 sites in the region. Tool types, raw material, manufacturing techniques, contextual and use-wear analysis are presented to provide a regional framework at this geographic and cultural crossroad.

Dr Jarrad Paul is an Associate with the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne and Residential Advisor at Trinity College. Jarrad specialises in tools made from animal bones, with a focus on how the earliest farming communities in the world created, used, and discarded these implements. He has investigated this practice in Turkey, Greece, and Georgia, and has also assisted on projects in Malaysian Borneo and Australia.


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