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The AASV aims to inform interested people about all aspects of Archaeology and Anthropology. We coordinate Monthly Lectures, regular Field Trips, occasional Seminars, and an AGM Lecture with Dinner, and publish a quarterly Newsletter, “The Bulletin” and an annual Research Journal, “The Artefact“.
Payment fee is based upon the Artefact, & any Printing & Postage cost; hence the fee applies at any time.

• AASV E-Membership:                AUD $35 anywhere
per year for Electronic delivery of the Bulletin, and the Artefact, as PDF files.
(Concession $30* only within Australia)

• Hard-Copy Membership:          AUD $50 in Victoria           AUD $55 Interstate
per year for a Printed Artefact, Posted: Bulletin by post or email.
(Concession $40*)

• Hard-Copy + Electronic:           AUD $65 in Victoria           AUD $70 Interstate
per year for both PDF & Postal Bulletin & Artefact
(Concession $55*)

(* For Concession, please provide a copy of your: Full-time Student / Pensioner / Centrelink / Health-Care Card)

Subscription to the Journal “The Artefact”

Electronic Copy of “The Artefact”
per year for Electronic delivery as PDF
AUD $30
Hard-Copy of “The Artefact”
Printed Volume, by post
AUD $40
  AUD $45
  AUD $55  Overseas

All Payments must be in $AUD.    ABN: 98 056 829 352

To Subscribe: 

(a) Printable Form:

Right-click here & “Save Target As”, to download the the membership form (PDF; 100KB)
Either post it, or hand it to a committee member.

(b) Electronically:

Membership Application:
Please Copy & Paste the text below into an e-mail to
– fill in your details, & send; and EFT your subs as per below.

or (c) Membership Renewal:

Either do as above, or e-mail asking for your invoice.

Your details should all be on it, saving you RSI. However please do check they are correct!

Electronic Funds Transfer Details

(Please include your Name, or Membership Number, in the payment Description)
BBS: 033146
A/C: 121076
For overseas payments: SWIFT WPACAU2S

Please Note that All Payments must result in the correct amount $AUD


Text to be e-mailed:  
First name:
Title (if required):
Postal address:
Post Code:
Country (if not Australia):  

Preferred e-mail address:
Home Phone:
Business Phone:

Time & date paid:
Amount paid:
Do you require a PDF Receipt by return e-mail?

(If you wish for a Printed Receipt, post a Stamped, Self-Addressed Envelope to
AASV Mem.Sec, PO Box 200, BENALLA 3672, requesting this.)

Subscription to
the The Archaeological & Anthropological Society of Victoria Inc
(Membership, includes the quarterly Bulletin, and annual journal Artefact)
OR to
The Artefact
(annual peer reviewed journal)

(Delete where applicable:  )

I wish to become a Member of the AASV
I will pay for –
Electronic (The Bulletin & Artefact in PDF)      AUD $35
Concession: $30*

Hard-Copy (Printed Artefact by post, Bulletin by post or email)
Victoria      $50
                    Interstate    AUD $55
                    Concession   AUD $40*

Hard-Copy + Electronic
                    Victoria      AUD $65
                    Interstate    AUD $70
                    Concession    AUD $55*

If applying for Hard Copy membership, would you prefer-
Bulletin by Post
Bulletin by Email

I apply for Concession, & supply a copy of my:
• Full-time Student
• Pensioner
• Centrelink
• Health-Care Card

Membership of the AASV commences each January.

—– OR ———————————————————
I wish to Subscribe to “The Artefact”
I will pay for –
Electronic (The Artefact in PDF) to the e-mail address provided
Anywhere in the world: AUD $30

Hard-Copy (Printed Volume by post)
Victoria   AUD $40
Interstate   AUD $45
Overseas  AUD $55


Membership has been revised, and commencing with the 2013 year
our fees are based on Electronic & Hard-Copy rates.

AASV has one of the lowest subscription rates of any similar society. We could not continue to run the society, publish the Artefact, and produce several Bulletin newsletters each year on the past postage prices.
Production costs of the Artefact have increased as has the standard of the journal.
Postage, particularly for the larger volumes, has increased dramatically over the last two years with differential rates for Melbourne, the rest of Victoria and for each state. The committee has investigated the subscription rates of other similar societies and found none to compare with the low price AASV has been able to offer up till now.
The Artefact will be made available electronically. It will also be available in print form but for most people there will be an added cost. Concessions will be available for full time students and persons with a health care card.

Please Note:

The Membership Secretary does her best to keep The Database correctly updated. However, inevitably some wurlitzers go missing*. When you return your subscriptions, please check that we have your correct details.

For further information, or to update your details, please contact the Membership Secretary at:
   – Andrea Stevenson, Membership Secretary

The Society thanks Ron Vanderwal for his many years dedicated work as Membership Secretary.


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