Alpha Prize

Alpha Archaeology prize – $500

Every year we offer the opportunity for University students to present a paper at our regular lectures and we offer a prize for the best presentation during the year, which is awarded at the AGM. We’re looking for representatives from Monash, La Trobe and the University of Melbourne.

The talks are judged on presentation and offer students an opportunity to present their current research topic to a wide audience. A large variety of subject matter is accepted; as long as it relates to Archaeology or Anthropology.

Past Winners

2018: Jesse Martin (La Trobe University) – DNH 134 – The World’s Oldest Homo erectus cranium 

2017: Jay Gibson (Monash University) – Songs of Central Australia Revisited

2016: Stacey Gorski (University of Melbourne) – Paleopathologies of Egyptian mummy head investigated using non-invasive imaging techniques

2015: Anneliese van der Ven (University of Melbourne) – Re-awakening the Power of Persepolis

2014: Natalie Langowski (University of Melbourne) – Diet and Social Diversity during the 2nd-5th Century at Samtavro Cemetery, Republic of Georgia

2013: Marcia Nugent (University of Melbourne) – Botanic Motifs of the Bronze Age Cycladic Islands: Identity, Belief, Ritual and Trade

2012Aleksandra Michalewicz (University of Melbourne)  –  Roman and late Antique mortuary ritual at the Samtavro Cemetery of Caucasian Iberia

2011: Caroline Spry (La Trobe University) – Refitting a Past: a study of changing technological strategies after 25,000 BP at Lake Mungo.