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The Artefact – Volume 42

Edited by Dr Sylvia Schaffarczyk

Dr Sylvia Schaffarczyk

‘Doog girndi’. Using experimental archaeology to understand the archaeobotanical record: an investigation of mid-Holocene Vitex glabrata fruit processing in Gooniyandi Country, northwest Australia
India E Dilkes-Hall, June Davis & Helen Malo

Gariwerd petroglyphs and their situation within the Gariwerd rock art sequence
Robert Gunn, Jake Goodes and Leigh Douglas

Aboriginal Breastplates: Objects and Images of the Colonial Frontier
Jack Norris

Book Review: Susan Lawrence and Peter Davies Sludge: Disaster on Victoria’s goldfields
Christopher J Davey

The Artefact – Volume 41

Edited by Dr Sylvia Schaffarczyk and Dr Phillip Roberts

Dr Sylvia Schaffarczyk and Dr Phillip Roberts

Listening to TGH Strehlow’s Recordings of Anmatyerr Song
Jason M. Gibson

The Trash Pile ‘Zeke’: The identification of the remains of a Mitsubishi A6M Zero in a rubbish dump, Yaren District, Republic of Nauru
Ashley Matic

Archaeological insights into a South Australian Volunteer Rifle Company: The buttons of the Kapunda Mine Rifles
Nicolas Grguric

Book review: Billy Griffiths Deep Time Dreaming: Uncovering Ancient Australia
Christopher J Davey

The Artefact – Volume 40

Edited by Dr Sylvia Schaffarczyk

Dr Sylvia Schaffarczyk

In memory of Brenda Upfill
Dr Margaret Bullen

Tirhatuan, the Clow homestead
Eric Willacy

Alan West Obituary
Melanie Raberts, Mary Morris, Lindy Allen & Rob McWilliams

Antonio Sagona Obituary
Abby Robinson and Andrew Jamieson

The Artefact – Volume 39

Edited by Dr Sylvia Schaffarczyk

Dr Sylvia Schaffarczyk

Echidna to Wolf’s Head: A 19th Century trapper’s ornament from Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Keryn Walshe

Ground penetrating radar investigations at the Lake Condah Mission Cemetery: locating unmarked graves in areas with extensive subsurface disturbance
Ian Moffat, Julia Garnaut, Celeste Jordan, Anthea Vella, Marian Bailey and Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Corporation

George Ware Dixon: An unrecognised Australian student of Gordon Childe
Christopher J Davey 

Seed-grinding stones: a review from a mainly Australian perspective
John Mildwaters

The Artefact – Volume 38

Special Volume “Artefacts in art:
 Material culture in the rock art of northern Australia”
Edited by Sally K. May & Tristen Jones

Current themes in the study of material culture in the rock art of northern Australia

Sally K. May & Tristen Jones

The shifting function of artefacts in Australia’s northwest Kimberley rock art assemblage
Meg Travers & June Ross

The broad spearthrower in Arnhem Land rock art: A reassessment of the ‘Broad Spearthrower Period’

John A. Hayward

Engraved material culture in a fluid landscape: Looking at designs on shields, spearthrowers and boomerangs in the Port Hedland rock art repertoire
Sam Harper

Rock art and ritual function: The Northern Running Figures of western Arnhem Land

Tristen Jones & Sally K. May

Body Ornamentation in Dynamic Scenes: Ritual and headdresses in the Dynamic Figure rock art of western Arnhem Land, Australia
Iain G. Johnston

The Artefact Volume 37 

Edited by Dr Sylvia Schaffarczyk and Mike Rowland

Diagnosis as an artefact: a case study to determine the meaning of ‘ague’ and ‘remittent fever’ in nineteenth century Victoria
Phillip M. Roberts 

An archival approach to the pathological progression of syphilis and tuberculosis in Victoria, Australia, 1853 to 1916, and its implication for biological archaeology
Phillip M. Roberts 

Beach coal in Victoria, Australia
David Beardsell

Book review: Kulin and Kurnai: Victorian Aboriginal Life and Customs
Michael Davis 

The Artefact Volume 36

Edited by Sylvia Schaffarczyk and Mike Rowland

Geocaching and cultural heritage
Michael J. Rowland

Three uncommon artefacts from the Pilbara coastal plain, Western Australia
Linda E. Villiers

The Old Melbourne Cemetery
Phoebe Heddell-Stevens

Early Holocene Aboriginal occupation at Blackfellows Waterhole, Barrabool Flora and Fauna Reserve, south-west Victoria, Australia
Thomas Richards

Book review: In the shadow of a hero
Margaret Bullen

The Artefact Volume 35

The worlds of plants in Aboriginal Australia: essays in honour of Beth Gott
Special Issue in honour of Beth Gott
Edited by Zane Ma Rhea and Lynette Russell

Introduction: Understanding Koorie plant knowledge through the ethnobotanic lens. A tribute to Beth Gott
Zane Ma Rhea and Lynette Russell

The world and work of Beth Gott: an interview
Beth Gott, Lynette Russell and Zane Ma Rhea

Knowing country, knowing food: Food security and Aboriginal-settler relations in Victoria
Zane Ma Rhea

Murnong: Much more than food
Fred Cahir

Trees from the Dreaming
Luise Hercus

‘Heritage knowledge’: Indigenous people and fibre plants on the NSW South Coast
Daphne Nash

Yam Landscapes: the biogeography and social life of Australian Dioscorea
Jennifer Atchison and Lesley Head

Usewear and phytoliths on bedrock grinding patches, Pilbara, north-western Australia
Richard Fullagar & Lynley Wallis

A plant macrofossil identification tool for south-western Victoria
Tara M.Lewis

Waterlillies: Confessions of a failed ethnobotanist
Anne Clarke

The Artefact Volume 34

Edited by Sylvia Schaffarczyk

Winds of Trade and Maritime Tides: the Phoenician Mediterranean in the Iron Age
Joy-lyn Bell-Ogilby

Cache or refuse? A pitchstone artefact assemblage from Pamwak Rockshelter, Manus Island, Papua New Guinea.
Caroline Spry

Book review: Digging up a Past
Reviewed by Margaret Bullen

 The Artefact Volume 33

Southern New Guinea & Torres Strait
Edited by Ian J. McNiven & Mike Green
Special issue in honour of Ron Vanderwal

Revisiting Papuan ceramic sequence changes: Another look at old data
Jim Allen

Migration sites of the Miaro clan (Vailala River region, Papua New Guinea): Tracking Kouri settlement movements through oral tradition sites on ancient landscapes
Robert Skelly, Bruno David, Bryce Barker, Alois Kuaso & Nick Araho

‘Scenes hidden from other eyes’ – Theodore Bevan’s collection from the Gulf of Papua in the South Australian Museum
Barry Craig

Carving a gope board
David Frankel

Prehistoric Papuan axe/adzes: A spatial and temporal analysis of form
James W Rhoads

Mound-and-ditch taro gardens of the Bensbach or Torassi River area, southwest Papua New Guinea
Garrick Hitchcock

‘Oh wonderful beach’: The Marind-anim of Papua and ethnographic foundations for an archaeology of a littoral sea people
Ian J McNiven

From humble beginnings: Vanderwal’s 1972 fieldwork and recent theories on settlement, subsistence and trade in Torres Strait
Melissa Carter

Badu 14: Osteo-biography of a Torres Strait Islander
Denise Donlon & Bruno David

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